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Guide Clash Royale gems generator 2018

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Hello,my fans!
Today we will talk about the cheat on Clash Royale 2018. If you're here, it's that, like me, are you tired of waiting for hours in front of your chest so that they open. Or worse, you have a good deck, but your cards are too low to win against your opponents...
I understand you, I too got tired when I blocked 4 arena with my witch level two then my opponents had a three level, see worse, sometimes four level...
When. I saw people who had all the epic cards and out me of the Griffon Rider pigs + Gel kind combos + Mini Pekka then than I I than maps draws, such as the crossbow and the Tesla Tower...
I thought that have gems could help me, that's where I am to go see the in-game store and I saw prices abused packs gems... and don't speak not purchasable chests... 2800 gems for the super magic chest? That is to say a little more than $ 20 since the barrel of 2 500 gems is the price. $100 for 14 000 gems? But who they mock them?
That's why I will introduce the system to cheat the Tomnagames team has put in place and I am proud to present. Thanks to him you won't ever have to pay for gems on Clash Royale, and you can even add gold to your account!

Hack Clash Royale 2018, how does it work?

cheat-clash-royale-2018The Cheat Clash Royale that we propose is a generator. This generator is a cheat system that we have developed for the Clash Royale game. It will allow you to get free gems and gold and it relatively simple way (as shown in the video). The cheat works through the exploitation of a flaw that we managed to put in place, and that, apparently, can not be corrected by the game publisher. Suffice to say that this flaw will still work.

We regularly update our generator to make it more efficient and above all faster. Generally just only a few seconds to see gems on your game account.

Important note:

  • We won't ask for any personal data OR relative to your account, except your username.
  • If someone asks you your password, never give him. Even if it is impersonating an administrator of Tomnagames. Again, we don't ask you to data. Our generator does not need and requires only the nickname of the user.
  • Our generator is usable when you want. You can use it several times a day if you want. But we recommend you to use once per day in order not to arouse the suspicions of other players (even if no problem was reassembled at this level, it is never too careful).

Why we have introduced a security?

Small smart and/or haters decided to tackle our site and especially to the generator with malicious robots. The goal is probably to seek to destroy our work. That's why we have implemented a security which can you seem annoying, but unfortunately we didn't the choice to implement this system.

How does the generator?

Nothing could be simpler. I'll do a summary below, but remember to go look at the explanatory video that will show you step-by-step how to use.

  1. Go to the generator by clicking on the button "to access the generator.
  2. Enter your nickname Clash Royale
  3. Select the quantity of gold and gems you want to receive on your account.
  4. Validate by clicking on the button.
  5. Wait a few seconds for the cheat to do its job.
  6. Pass the anti-robot validation.
  7. After validation, you must receive the gems in the following seconds.

Why use this trick Clash Royale 2018?

You have no doubt noticed, Clash Royale really is a Pay To Win. Point here is that if you intend to play without hack clash royalepaying a dime, you will hardly exceed the arena 5 quickly, even if you are strong and full of skill. This is the big problem with this game. A person who buys gems will no trouble to rise rapidly in the upper arena unlike a free-to-play player.
Our cheat allows you to overcome this problem by offering everyone the chance to fight for equality, and where only the skill will count and not the size of the wallet... If you think that with a good deck and maps high levels you can go scratch the best places in the standings, then it's time to check this!

Short description of the game

If you got here via Google and looking for information on the game, here's a little description of it, hoping that it makes you want to play!
Royale clash is the last game as of the Supercell Editor, known especially for the famous Clash of clans (which is the basis of Clash Royale, the style and characters being the same). In this game combining collectible card game and arena combat type Moba (with trick to destroy), you will need to succeed in getting the Crown more in your fight to win trophies that will gradually climb in different arenas.
Each new arena will bring you a lot of possible card to get. You are high, and more you can have powerful cards allowing you to try new devastating combos.
Important news: our generator has been used more than 12 000 times since its launch. And that makes us great pleasure! Thanks to the Gamestuto community!

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