Cheat Supermarket Mania Journey – How to get unlimited crystals

Hi all! Welcome to the page dedicated to the mobile game Supermarket Mania: the journey. Today we'll show you how generate coins and crystals free on your account.
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Our hack: the generator crystals

If you play Supermarket Mania: the journey you must have noticed that the crystals as well are paid resources. It is all of the freemium games that Supermarket Mania: naturally part of the journey.

For many years, GamesTuto strives to find cheating techniques to circumvent the payments supposedly required to make progress in your mobile games.
Thanks to our team of experts, we discovered that there were flaws in many freemium games. Our developers can now take advantage of these flaws and turn them to our advantage by creating cheats such as generators of resources.

The generator of Crystals present on this page is a particularly reliable and effective hack. Specially designed for Supermarket Mania: the journey, it allows you to choose different amounts of crystals and resources you want to inject your G5 Friends account.

The peculiarity of our hack is that it secures your account at 100%. Thanks to a test anti robot as well as a transparent filter integrated into the generator, players of Supermarket Mania: the journey can now be completely anonymous during their cheating.
So that our security gate is completely functional, you need to activate each generation of crystals and pieces that you will perform.

Finally, you will find in the paragraph according to our operating instructions type. If you hesitate, don't hesitate to leave us a comment in the section reserved for this purpose at the bottom of page. Thanks for your reading and above all, good cheat on GamesTuto!

About Supermarket Mania: the journey

Developed and published by the studio G5 entertainment, Supermarket Mania: the journey is a management game in which you help to Nikki, a business pro. Even though Nikki is doing well, she needs a little help so his business is thriving.

In this game, you will need to so help him manage his store, assemble the goods in the rays and ensure that none of them don't is empty during the passage of the customers in the corridors. With your team, you can also keep an eye on malicious customer and address for thieves when the latter commit a bad deed.

In Supermarket Mania: The journey, you will face different types of customer. If thieves can already be a first level, you will also have grandmas, infinite patience but also children who ransack everything and dirty store. Others will gradually be added to your adventure to make it more complex.

The game is not an easy task. But thanks to the generator parts and crystals, you can quickly invest in new equipment and boosters that allow you to more easily identify tasks to be done in order to not lose any benefit of the day!

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Good parties on Supermarket Mania: the journey!


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