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Join The Survival Arena

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Survival Arena focuses on these key factors: it’s not about hiring

the best troops or winning PvP battles, it’s about prevailing against all odds!

Build mighty towers, upgrade them and try to hold off hordes of incoming enemies!

Non-stop explosive TD action!
One handed, on-the-go gameplay.
Play against other players in dozens of tournaments.
Assemble a unique arsenal mix fit just for your style of play.
Race against time against an onslaught of enemies to win against all odds
Choose YOUR strategy, there are many like it, but this one’s yours.
Full livestream support
Most important of all — survive (so with Cheat Survival Arena it`s not a problem for you)

High in the raging cyclone of thunder and endless gales,

a huge flying Arena Ship makes its way across the endless ocean below.

The Arena is legendary and surrounded with myths and superstitions.

They say it's run by a Captain long lost to madness, a man who has pirated

and plundered more than all other captains combined.

To have some fun with all the treasures in his late years,

he decided to throw the biggest challenge across the floating isles — The Survival Arena Tournament.

Also you can get Unlimited Skyshards with our cheat survival arena .

Survive with a new Cheat Survival Arena

Any Captain brave enough can venture into the eye of the storm

and if fortune turns its favorable side, they will find the arena.

Thousands have tried to beat the challenges and survive,

but none could beat the records.

It’s time for a new challenger to accept the challenge of the Arena and to become the Grand Champion.

It’s OK to Lose but with Our Cheat Survival Arena you can`t Lose

Survival Arena is all about putting off the inevitable

– so your Extractor will get swarmed at some point.

The High Score is all that matters.

There’s super easy way to brag that you got more kills than your friends,

so don’t be discouraged when you see enemies eventually making past your defenses.

Survival Arena is about building your own defenses,

without silly predetermined tower placing space

– so the longer your maze is, the more damage enemies will receive.

Finally you can use the new cheat Survival Arena to fast building.

•All Cards are stronger when used together, so use it.

– for example, slow down a Boss with an Ice Tower and your towers can deal more damage.

Or using a Snowball Ammo to freeze all enemies in place and then blast them to bits with a Mortar.

Choices are endless.

You are Underestimate Heroes ?

  •  As a result the Heroes are the centerpiece of your Loadout if you will.

So use them as an additional source of damage, or even destroy

enemy towers in Duel and controls are super easy, with Hero from the start.

Just tap to move or attack, so if they die, don’t worry – they’ll be back after a short respawn time.

So with Our Cheat Survival Arena your Hero can`t die!

Watch Out!
First of all, this tool hack Survival Arena it`s free to use and not for commercial use!
Also we strongly recommend not to sell this file , just use it only for personal use only!
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