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Cheats Order and Chaos 2


Cheats Order and Chaos 2 Redemption

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So, The game is played from either a first-person or third-person view perspective.

The player can edit view distance and perspective using the Pinch and Zoom feature.

Movement is controlled using a virtual joystick that is located in the lower left corner of the screen.

Combat and interface controls are mapped to virtual buttons

which can be activated by touching them.

The game has over 1000 quests including those that are linear to the main storyline,

or doing short "instant quests"


In the eyes of the gods, there is no time, no judge, no order, and no chaos.

Everything is eternal and there is only existence. Our lives are part of a cycle.

We must experience what we can and learn from it. At the end of Order & Chaos Online,

the secret of Khalin's Hammer and the location of the Primal Heart were discovered by heroes.

With the power of the Hammer, the heroes sought to destroy the Primal Heart

in order to put an end to all evil and save the world of Haradon.

The destruction of the Primal Heart led to a cataclysmic event that destroyed the world,

with the heroes dying one after the other.

Evil had won and retreated temporarily.

600 years after these events, the world once again flourished and heroes began

to be reborn into this new world—in their quest to save it from the coming evil

and redeem themselves.

So the story takes place 600 years after the events of Order and Chaos Online,

where the Order of Flame destroyed the Primal Heart.

This started a cataclysmic event in which the entire world is transformed

and most the population of Haradon is killed, called the Great Deluge.

Cheats Order and Chaos 2The game:

has two possible start locations, Mariner's Landing and Cliffside, which change the story's beginning.

  • In Cliffside,

  • a mercenary is working under his commander, who orders him to stop the rioters, who are protesting against the commander for not entering a mine where a collapse happened.

Secretly, at the request of a young lady, the mercenary investigates the mine, where he discovers a strange blue version of Phosphos, a valuable mineral produced by PhosCo Industries.

What exactly is this game? It’s something for the fans World of Warcraft, but for mobile devices.

We have to choose one of five classes.

Each has other charms, each can carry other items and each plays a different role in the team.

Order & Chaos 2 Redemption is a great MMORPG available on our phones and tablets.

As in any MMORPG sticks here level of our character,

we perform a variety of quests and solo or with our friends go dungeons.

At the beginning of the easier, and with time more and more difficult,

which results in more and better prizes.

If you just like games of this type to Order & Chaos 2 Redemption is for you.

Also You can download it from the store GooglePlay and AppStore.

So much for the description of the game.

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While exploring the cave, the mercenary discovers workers mutated into zombies,

including the lady's husband.

Before mutating, the lady's husband says that the blue Phosphos is the cause.

After killing him, the mercenary returns to the town,

only to find it being attacked and overrun by zombies.

The mercenary meets the lady and escorts her to safety before killing the mutated commander.

The lady thanks him, tells him to tell Maxwell, a PhosCo scientist, and gives him an antique weapon.

In Mariner's Landing,

  • the player is a soldier. After collecting blue Phosphos for his superiors,

the player is tasked to investigate the disappearance of a young girl.

After completing several tasks, another soldier reveals

that he saw the girl traveling out of town with a boy.

  • So The player investigates, only to find the boy's throat clawed.
  • Following footprints leading out of the house, the soldier finds the mutated girl feasting on a wolf.


  • After killing her, the player returns to town, only to find it being overrun by zombies. He then kills his commander, who had been mutated.
  • Later, the player finds the grave of the man who informed him about the girl's location.
  • The soldier admits to selling blue Phosphos, which was the cause of the mutations. On his grave, he leaves an antique weapon, which the player takes.

The player

Travels to Harvester Mine, a mine run by PhosCo Industries.

The player is helped in his task to free Maxwell by Wesley, another PhosCo employee.

The player is tasked to create a replacement part for the Harvester,

which had broken down.

After doing so, the Harvester breaks down, with Wesley revealing that that was his true plan all along.

After defeating his henchmen, the player kills Drake, a tyrannical PhosCo commander.


then meets with Maxwell, who had picked his cell lock while the guards were

distracted by the Harvester breaking down.

After talking to him, the player talks to Wesley,

who reveals that he was secretly working for the Scythe, a vigilante working for the people.

Also The player then travels to Long Beach, where he follows the captain of the guard,

who was actually a murderer.

So the player then contacts one of Scythe's spies, who he tells his discoveries.

Wesley later contacts the player, telling him that there are mutated workers

imprisoned by PhosCo Industries nearby.

More about game..

He also tells the player that Maxwell has been recaptured, and is most likely in a

nearby camp for PhosCo Industries.

The player then creates a distraction before heading to free Maxwell.

Also the player then contacts Orly, a Son of Truth also working for Scythe,

who tells him that he has a plan to storm PhosCo Industries' nearby headquarters.

First, the player creates a bomb

(so use our Cheats Order and Chaos 2 and create it)

The player then frees PhosCo prisoners, kills PhosCo guards, and kills mutated

workers before leaving the base, only to find a dying Orly.

Orly reveals that Wesley had betrayed him.

So He tells the player that Wesley is the Scythe, and that he is planning to destroy

the dam protecting Long Beach to attract attention to PhosCo's activities.

Player defeats Wesley and shuts down the bomb before meeting Hunter,

a House of Stone representative, who reveals that an infected PhosCo commander

is trying to escape via ship.


.... also kills several Truthbearers and their commanders before discovering that the

Truthbearer second-in-command was secretly negotiating with Princess Clara.

The princess informs the player of her plan to get the Truthbearers to surrender

by persuading Wesley to surrender, which the player does.


However, a rogue faction of Truthbearers, led by the sorceress Casca,

attempt to escape the law. However, the player hunts them down,

destroys their ship, and kills Casca.

So the weapon has immense power, and therefore all the factions across

Haradon are vying for it, including the faction that is producing the Phosphos,

making them cross paths with the player.

So use now our Cheats Order and Chaos 2

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