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Introduction Coin Master Hack

coin master hack


Coin Master Hack is an engrossing game that takes you to the ultimate fantasy world in an epic adventure with Vikings; while you also get to play slots get treasure and crush enemies. The game lets you journey into magical locations, set your village up and reign over the Viking Empire. The goal of the game is to become the Coin Master which you achieve by ruling the strongest village and accumulating the most loot. To do this, however, you will need the hack Coin Master. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster in your wildest fantasies!

Village Shop

The game commences by you building your first village. By clicking on the building icon, your account is credited with 75,000 coins which you use to purchase your first house from the village shop at 60,000 coins. The village shop has more items which will open for you to buy as the game progresses.

Slot Machine

For every item you build, you will earn a star. Collecting 20 stars will enable you to move on to the subsequent village. Remember that when you purchased your first house in the village shop, you ran short on coins; a slot machine is, therefore, necessary to restock your coin reserve and enable you to attack and raid the other villages you come across.

The slot machine has a timer that only allows 5 spins an hour. The goal here is to earn as many coins as possible by maximizing on those hourly spins. Care should be taken not to miss out on the spins by failing to check on the game at hourly intervals. You can alternatively use Coin Master mod apk to earn more spins. More coins mean you can go ahead to attack other player’s villages. For every successful raid, you get the spoils of all the coins in the village reserve. Attack as many villages as you can to earn more coins and have more power.

Acquiring Coins

There are more ways of getting coins aside from spinning. You can also attack other Vikings in the game or generate more coins using Coin Master Cheats. Attack other Vikings in the game, whether friend or foe to gain more coins to be in a position to build your village. You can also go on revenge missions to recover what was looted from your village. The villages you raid can even have other treasures in the form of Cards than can either be Rare or Common.

Earning More Spins

When you run out of spins at the Slot Machine, aside from the hourly wait, you can earn more by either buying spins using actual world money at $0.1dollars per spin or use Coin Master mod apk. Spending real money is of course not an informed option when playing a game (you have real-life problems remember). You can also watch videos or join social media sites like Facebook to earn more spins.

Earning Shields on a Slot Machine

Gaining Shields on a Slot Machine will enable you to protect your village against attacks and raids. You can also raid the Coin Master’s Village and steal coins through the Slot Machine, which you will use to buy more items from the village shop. Only three chances are available for you to steal from the Coin Master’s village but here’s a twist, there are 4 locations to dig. Digging the wrong place will mean no coins for you!

When you have raided enough coin reserves from the game, you will get a different game who will have much more coins compared to the previous Coin Master.

Card Collection

There are numerous cards available in the game for you to collect. These can be accessed every time you reach a new level. The cards you collect can be traded with other gamers on Facebook for cards you do not have in your collection. You also can get cards by raiding and looting Vikings. Depending on your luck, you can acquire Rare or Common Cards. Collect these cards to complete your set and move o the next village to explore the rewards in waiting.


Coin Master Hack is an exciting game that will have you glued to your gaming screen regardless of age or gender. You might want to create enough free time on your schedule before you indulge.

Happy gaming!

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