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First of all you can download shadowgun legends from the bellow link

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Download Shadowgun Legends

Why should download Shadowgun Legends

Play with millions online as you seek to rid the galaxy of hostile alien race also you can play as single player

Take on hundreds of missions and quests, earning a slew of rewards as you go

Take your Shadowgun from rookie to Legend. | Play alone and with others – your game, your way.

One the most advanced weapon and gear systems. | Collect and customize hundreds of guns.

Long-term update plan expanding the Shadowgun universe. | Bulletproof anti-cheat system.

Dress for success with hundreds of unique armor pieces. | Look like a badass – after all, isn’t that what’s it all about?

What is Shadowgun Legends?

Shadowgun Legends, first of all, is a shooter where the action takes place in a futuristic universe Shadowgun, already known to us from previous games in the series.

The Shadowgun Legends is a game for gamers  like space, connecting people and shoot everything existed. Shadowgun legends an addictive game; also it took you an enormous amount of time.

Your task is to protect from enemies of friends from anywhere and you have a varied arsenal and strong and loyal friends willing to help you in times of trouble.

Focus your strength and destroy all enemies along the way.

As a result the context of Shadowgun Legends is set in a future universe.

In conclusion you are a bounty hunter to complete a variety of missions.

Then you have the ability to develop and customize weapons and armor. Also, you can join the guild system to fight other players.

It's time to return to the embattled universe of Shadowgun Legends!

The year is 2380, 30 years after the story of the original Shadowgun game.

Humanity is on the brink of a grand new era.

With Earth having been stripped of its natural resources, Toltech Enterprises and the other huge corporations have been funding colonization efforts across the galaxy.

Many worlds have already been conquered and settled, the indigenous races subdued, and the new colonies established. Resources are now plentiful.With no rivals to threaten them, humans are free to flourish and expand.

Shadowgun Legends is a persistent online FPS with MMORPG elements and in a futuristic universe.

The game will allow players to build their ultimate hero with over 50 unique skills and hundreds of weapons and armor pieces, go on challenging raids with friends, create their own guilds, challenge opponents in various PvP modes, and socialize in the Hub Station.

download shadowgun legends

What is a Shadowgun ?

First of all ‘Shadowgun’ is the status given to legendary warriors in the Shadowgun universe.

Now they are humanity’s last hope.

So they offered their services to the highest bidder.

Shadowgun Legends connected to the original Shadowgun?

Shadowgun Legends : 30 years after the events of the original Shadowgun and Shadowgun Leftovers.

Players will get to see and interact with some familiar characters and find out what has happened in the universe they came to love.

As a result what is Shadowgun Legends about?

Seems like humanity dominates the galaxy with its consumerism-driven way of life.

A band of unlikely heroes has to step up try to turn the tides of the war and more.

All that changes when the human borderworld colonies begin to go silent and a full scale galactic war erupts.


Where do the Shadowgun Legends enemies come from?

The enemy race is very mysterious. Also in the first announcement trailer footage, we saw them appear from the uncharted corners of the galaxy and attack one of the distant human colonies.

In conclusion players will have plenty of opportunities to get to know more about their enemies throughout their adventure.

Who are Madfinger Games?

Seems like Shadowgun Legends is an up and coming MMO RPG FPS title from Madfinger Games that seeks to draw in hardened PC veterans with its game play, features list and the company's long term commitment to it.
We had a chance to talk to Mazen Sukkar also producer of Shadowgun Legends to learn more.
Madfinger Games is a leading mobile games developer based in Brno, Czech Republic.
Today, the team consists of many AAA game developers who have worked on games such as Mafia and Silent Hill.
Over the years Madfinger Games has introduced titles such as Dead Trigger, Shadowgun and UNKILLED, and accumulated over 160 million downloads.

It's All About Ambition and Technology

Technology marches on, our computers get faster and our devices get smaller and our dreams get closer to realization.
I stand by what I said in the awards for best of Gamescom and sometime recently games on mobile got gorgeous and I never knew.

I sat down to play with Shadowgun Legends and I still can't quite believe it was a mobile game.

First of all is the game going to be free?

Download Shadowgun Legends : Free to Play and you can click on download button from the top of this article.

As a result what is the main motto of Shadowgun Legends?

“Fight Hard, Party Harder!”

We’re so psyched to be able to blast some aliens this summer so join us for a great lead up to launch! Download Shadowgun Legends now and get started!

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