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It is always a pleasure to write to you my dear fans. Each item is guarantee of good news and today, this is the game Celtic Tribes ! If you are on this page it's probably because you're looking for magic potions. Good thing we have a generator of free magic potions and unlimited use to offer you.

Presentation of Celtic Tribes

You will need a lot of magic potions on Celtic Tribes to feed your people, improve their living conditions but above all, to develop the skills of your army. However, as you have noticed, it is possible to buy his potions in the game shop. The trouble is that these are particularly dear to the pocket of the player since you have to buy on a regular basis.

In order to make available a maximum of mobile video game, GamesTuto team wanted to take advantage of its expertise and offer cheats such as our generator of potions on Celtic Tribes a few years ago. Today, we are considered as the n ° 1 of online cheating and for some reason though says.


Cheat safe with our hack celtic tribes

Regardless of the type of cheating that you use, this practice creates certain risks if we do not protect themselves well. At GamesTuto, all our generators possess a security system to ensure the protection of all of our users.

How our security system? Created by the developers of Fapijeux as well as the generator of magic potions, the security system is composed ofa test anti robot and a transparent filter. These two functions allow to ensure each user protection at the level of the servers of publishers but also a total invisibility.

However, for this set is functional, you must go through the box 'validation '. Very simple, this step is explained through our example video that you will find at the top of this article. It is recommended to view before tackle youceltic tribes hack cheat the steps of the generation of magic potions below.

Cheat Code | Create magic potions for free

Step # 1 - open the generator by clicking on the red button ' access the generator ' that you will find at the top of this page

Step # 2 - enter in the box the pseudonym on or e-mail address that binds you to your account Celtic Tribes Google Play or on the App Store.

Step # 3 - in the drop-down bar, select the type of platform you use (iOS or Android).

Step # 4 - among the amounts of defined magic potions, pick the one you want to inject your Celtic Tribes account. Don't forget that you can come back later for another generation?

Step # 5 - then click the " generate " button and wait until the loading bar is completely full

Step # 6 - watch our video example can enable our security system in you inspiring.

Step # 7 -restart Celtic Tribes and then go to the application to see the status of your account and enjoy parties without being ever more limited by the lack of magic potions!

Can I use this trick several times in a row?

The security system built into our generator allows you unlimited use as soon as you activate it. This activation allows you to cheat safely without ever fearing a single ban of your life!

Presentation of Celtic Tribes

Hack Celtic Tribes is a strategy game available for free download on the App Store and Google Play real-time. It was developed and published by the studio XYRALITY GmbH.

The adventure takes place at the time of the Celts. You represent a brave tribal chief and must manage the development of your people. Here, it will be to build houses, buildings of production but also weapons to protect themselves against the attacks of neighboring peoples.

However, beware of enemy heads! More your village will evolve, the more it will attract the covetousness of the neighboring tribes. Also, you have to recruit an army of warriors and establish strategies to master to protect the resources produced by the villagers.

To guide you through this exciting but dangerous mission, the game offers you a series of missions daily to achieve against some valuable items. In this MMO, you can also join alliances from other leaders to your tribe. As in all games of mobile strategy, the union is strength and it is precisely by creating such an alliance you can climb high in the world rankings of Celtic Tribes.

Thanks to our generator of magic potions, you can obtain resources more easily and above all to improve your gameplay. We hope you enjoy 😉

The GamesTuto team!.

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