House Flip Hack – Generate Unlimited Free Hearts (Tip)

Looking for hearts to play House Flip Chip and Jo with no limits? You've come to the right place! If you already know us, you already know how to make the generation of hearts. In contrast to novices, we will give you some tips for use our cheat free and safe.

Cheat code: free hearts generator

With our smartphones and our shelves, we are increasingly sought to download free games. Commonly called freemium, these games contain paid options such as the hearts on House Flip with Chip and Jo.

House-Flip-hack-300x300 Clearly, these resources are essential to the progress of the players. In our case of the day, the hearts are very useful to speed up the construction process. They even allow to obtain other resources in the game. In short, the hearts are currencies of Exchange that can not happen.

But then, how to get for free? You can for example to watch 30 seconds of video to get a poor and unhappy heart but frankly, these meagre amounts will never be enough to entertain more than an hour with your new mobile game. House Flip triche

To do this, the Thomna Games team has designed a useful hack: the generator of hearts. It is a tool that can be used directly online, on this page. To use, simply fill out some information that allow us to authenticate your House Flip Chip and Jo with account and follow the instructions we set further in the article.

Be aware, however, that a little more technical part will you be requested when the generation of hearts. Indeed, to protect your identity and avoid that game publishers will ban you, you must enable our security code.

This security code has a double function: it serves both transparency and filter test robot (which allows us to detect your account). Thanks to its activation, we organize the transfer of the cores on your account safely. Find out how to activate it using the video example in top of the article.

Hack: Generation of hearts on House Flip with Chip and Jo

  •  go to the page where is installed the generator of resources by clicking on the button "Click to Get Resources" placed at the top of this page.
  •  enter to choose either the nickname or ID allowing you to connect to your download platform (this information is necessary so that the generator identifies the account to be credited)
  •  in the corresponding drop-down bar, choose the amount of hearts that you want to create in your account.
  •  Then click the "Generate" button to start the process.
  •  validate our security system using the video posted at the top of this article
  •  your hearts are finally available! Return to House Flip Chip and with Jo to take advantage of all your resources and your game without limits!


About House Flip with Chip and Jo

Developed and published by Fun - Gi, House Flip with Chip and Jo is a simulation game in which you have to build a whole new neighborhood by renovating houses that complements. Any law based on the American show Fixer Upper, House Flip Chip and Jo with staged a couple of renovators that you accompany throughout this adventure.

The objective of the game is to win as much money as a result of his assignment. To do this, Chip, the professional of the renovation will offer different materials to give another blow of freshness to the real estate project. Similarly, you can count on Joanna, alias Jo, to suggest the best decorations cheaply tips.

When the renovation of your project will be completed, potential buyers will appear and you will make the offers more or less interesting. It will be your responsibility to choose the best offer. But don't delay in your thinking! Your time is limited and the potential customers are likely to look elsewhere.

Whatever it is, you are now the owner of hearts and can enjoy the game at its fair value. We hope that you also you will become a true professional of cheating in the future !


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