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How to win all your games on PUBG

Hi guys, today we will see a small list of tips to win its parts together or at least to try to go as far as possible in your game (Yes Yes, it is a little whore to clicks!), I prefer to make it clear that this guide is for those who have little or no experience with the game.

The biggest tryharders of you probably have a lot to teach me, I’m sure a second. However after more than a few hundreds of Games under my belt and many hours of gameplay watched on Twitch and Youtube, I think being able to give you good advice for you have fun, but especially to optimize your chances of winning!


Parachuting is an very important of your party setting: If you control the parachute, add you a decisive string to your bow. Indeed, you will be able to select your very specific way landing zones, and optimize your early game by avoiding to meet too many opponent. Indeed a discreet and efficient looting phase is preferable if you want to advance in the game.

You have several options for to drop you: the first is right dive towards the ground by maximizing your speed, allowing you to logically set foot on the ground among the first players, in an area that will eventually probably however quite populated. Therefore, be careful and play particularly smart to not get caught by surprise by a player who quietly enters the building you’re search for example.

The second strategy is to hover on the horizon in order to land as far as possible from the area or you made your jump, and so to maximize your chance of staying alive in you spreading areas populated. For those who wonder how panner it is very simple. Press you your “advance” (vehicle) and you look at the horizon, in the direction you want to borrow.

The phase of search: the loot!


The phase of search, also called “Looting”, which activates instantly in the early, is a crucial phase that is influenced by several factors:

  • Lucky at first… Perhaps you may find little or no arms (this is rare), or even a weapon but with very little ammunition, or very little medical stuff. It varies a lot.
  • Your area of landing of course affect these, there are areas more or less interesting and sought after by players for looter. All major cities are by examples relatively popular and allow players to looter easily a better stuff. There are also areas like the military areas, which are also very popular, so very risky but very interesting for looter.
  • The present opponents in your area: whether in solo, in duo or in squad, the opponents during your phase of looting can quickly be a real handicap, see a cause of end of part of course. I recommend you try to avoid confrontations early in part to optimize your chances to get by.

The mid game: Placement and management of the area

When you arrive in the middle of game, theoretically, you have finished your ‘fat’ phase of looting and you can / must now concentrate on your investment or one of your team to the blue zone. I recommend you to stay indoors and to ensure not to draw unnecessary attention to yourself.


If you are hidden behind a tree, but the opposing team you hear unnecessarily shoot a player you see barely 300 meters from your position, all with a 2 x, then you give something free, and the news are Queens in PUBG. He must collect a maximum of information on your enemies, while giving a minimum.

Try to stay to the end zones, see even you move at the last minute in the area. And as discreetly as possible of course, it’s the most interesting way to following me, it allows you to arrive in many cases in the back of your enemies, and so to neutralize them quickly and easily.

Vehicles in general

Vehicles are a great way to escape difficult situations on PUBG, flee the blue area or even well quickly position yourself. Only you know, vehicles have not only benefits. They also have a number of disadvantages. When you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle you are impotent, and so you can neutralize very quickly.

You’re loud when you are in a vehicle, your opponents you hear so coming and can locate you… “‘ Here we find the notion of” information “. Therefore, it is quite common to board a vehicle to stand in the middle area on a hill or in the forest and to be done by an enemy who has seen you and puts you down in a few moments.


The vehicle is viable for the solo part, even until the end of the game since the latter can help hide you behind him and so you put cover in a full vacuum for example. Be careful though not to get in the feet (in the car).

The vehicle is relatively viable in early/mid game during a game in duo. However it is best to drop it in the end-game in my opinion. This will allow you to be more discreet, and surprise your opponents.

The vehicle is not viable in the squad. It is very common to confronted you by a group of 4 people covered who will shoot you… between the little coverage that you bring your vehicle, if you drive fast, the fact to jump out of the vehicle will kill you or hurt you in the best of cases.

You have whatever it is a disadvantage. If the opposing team blew your car while your team is on the inside: you’ll all die! If you want to drive around when you are in the Squad, it will take as much as possible to make short trips, and if you can it will take to move with several vehicles to minimize the risks.

The End-game: how to survive in the final circle?

Friends, you go, you’re in the final circle, there are 10 players maximum and your heart is pounding… That’s why we love the game after all. To optimize your chances of staying alive I you tips to hide a maximum. Covered and ensuring that no one is within range of you.

Think carefully before taking a shot at an enemy, once again, remember that it is Queen. Don’t take the shot unless you are about to kill, and if you see two enemies to shoot, let them all just killing each other. Move forward covered as much as possible, be on your guard!

The most important tip during the short phase what is the End-game, it’s blowing, perspective and focus… Most of the players are overwhelmed by stress and lose all their… It is common to make a top 3 and say once that one is dead ‘ I of the throw a grenade “,” I from the start my burst mode “, etc… The stress has simply made you bad! Need to work on it.

We hope that these tips PUBG will help you once in game, and remember, for the less adventurous of you, we also offer a dedicated to PUBG cheat software.

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